Artificial Intelligence Applications

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Artificial Intelligence Applications

AI offers many Artificial Intelligence Applications benefits in programs that require real-time data to be used and manipulated. AI is a dominant technology in many fields that require real-time data manipulation.


Real-time data is required for strategic games such as Chess, Poker, or Tic Tac Toe. Machines should be capable of considering different options, and then weighing them and making a decision based upon heuristic knowledge. These strategic games are where AI plays a key role.

Natural Language Processing

To make the program work efficiently, the machine must be able to recognize different languages. It is important that the machine can adapt to different languages as well as dialects and accents. These cases are where AI has proven very useful.

Expert Systems

An intelligent machine’s main function is to make decisions. These machines need software that can accept input, understand it, weighs different options and then come up with a conclusion. These machines can be used to give reasoning to a situation. These software gives users advice and explanations to help them make informed decisions.

Vision Systems

Visual input refers to information that is both crucial and difficultly interpretable. A system that integrates with Intelligence must be able to read, understand, comprehend, and interpret the visual inputs, and then make decisions based upon this information.

These are just a few examples of the applications

A spy camera, drone, or spy plane takes photos and videos that are used to map the area or find spatial information.

The cameras used in clinical expert systems are embedded within the body. They are often used by doctors for diagnosing patients.

For facial recognition, police use computer software. This program can identify the face and description of the suspect using a record called portrait mode in the police system.

Speech Recognition

AI systems can be programmed to hear the voice of another person and understand the language to help them understand the meaning of the words. The system can understand not only the words, but also sentences and their meanings. Software is able to recognize various accents, dialects and slang words. It can also detect background noise, voice modulation changes, voice changes due to pain, cold, or any other changes.

Handwriting Recognition

This software can be programmed to understand the text. You can write this text with a pencil or pen on paper. You can also write the text on a screen using a stylus or a mouse. It can recognize the shapes of letters and numbers, read them, and convert them into editable text. This speeds up the process.

Intelligent Robots

Robots are computers that have been programmed to be slaves and are designed to do the tasks of a master. There are many sensors that they can be equipped with. These sensors receive physical data from the real world. These physical data can be in the form light, heat, temperature, movement, pressure, sound and obstruction. They have powerful processors and large storage memories. This is all to demonstrate intelligence. They are also capable of adapting to changing environments and learning from their mistakes.

AI’s Advantages and Drawbacks

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of AI:


  • When compared to its human counterpart, the error rate is much lower.
  • Amazing precision, accuracy and speed at which AI systems operate is amazing.
  • Can perform in hostile environments with equal efficiency.
  • It is possible to complete dangerous tasks that pose challenges to mankind, such as exploring space without causing any physical harm to people.
  • When such machines are used, mining and digging fuels becomes easy.
  • You can take care of repetitive, monotonous and tedious tasks without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Prediction and decision making
  • It is now easier to detect fraud, especially when it is done with card-based systems.
  • Manage and organize records.
  • Robotic pets can interact with humans and reduce depression.
  • As machines think rationally, they can make rational decisions.


Building, rebuilding and repairing require skilled professionals. It also takes a lot of time and money.

  • Storage can be expensive.
  • The human system may be more efficient than the memory system in terms of accessing and retrieving data.
  • Although machines can be programmed to learn, they are not as capable as humans.
  • Their operations are limited to the programs they have written.
  • They would never be able to experience the same creativity as humans.
  • The greatest threat to unemployment is the advancement of intelligent machines.
  • As lazy as we humans may be, it is possible to become too dependent upon machines and not use our mental abilities.
  • In the wrong hands, machines can lead to destruction.

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