Hackers are looking for you

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Hackers can target anyone who has a computer, tablet, or cell phone. Hackers can target you if you have access to sensitive data online.

Do not think you can be hacked.

It’s scary because hackers can also target your family members, friends, and even your company.

Let’s begin with Cybersecurity. What is it?

Cybersecurity protects physical units, such as equipment and control units, from being connected to an external virtual space like the internet. This covers data transmission, storage, analysis, and transmission on both physical and non-physical interfaces.

What are you doing to put yourself at risk?

  • It is easy to remember your password and you can use it for multiple accounts.
  • Public WiFi is available for free and unprotected use
  • You open unsafe attachments
  • Before you click on a link, make sure to check the URL
  • Private data were entered on an unsecure website

What are the possible ways your credentials could be compromised?

Phishing is the use of emails disguised as legitimate to trick users into divulging their credentials

  • Malvertising: Malvertising is when malware is introduced to legitimate online advertising networks in order to steal visitor’s credentials
  • Watering Holes: Malware is embedded into popular websites’ code to steal visitor credentials
  • Web Attacks: Companies that are internet-facing are scanned for vulnerabilities to exploit them and establish a foothold

What can a hacker do when they have compromised credentials?

  • Spam from compromised email accounts
  • Host malicious content and deface web properties
  • Install malware on compromised systems
  • Other accounts can be compromised using the same credentials
  • Exfiltrate sensitive data (data breach)
  • Identity Theft

Even the best protection software can’t protect someone who isn’t online safe. Learn how to protect your data and privacy online.

You can prevent a cyberattack by taking precautions to ensure your data is safe. We’ll be discussing basic cybersecurity procedures throughout October.

National Cybersecurity Monthly Awareness

According to Homeland Security, National Cybersecurity Awareness month (NCSAM), which is held every October, is a joint effort between industry and government to raise awareness about cybersecurity and ensure that all Americans have access to the resources necessary to make their online lives safer.

“NCSAM 2019 will stress personal accountability and emphasize the importance of proactive steps to improve cybersecurity at work and home. The overarching message for 2019 is “Own IT.” Secure IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.