9 Things You Can Do to Get Your Unfaithful Partner to Remain Loyal

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Are you able to tell if your gut feels are right? Are you unsure if your gut feelings are correct or not? These tips can help you determine if your partner is cheating on or with someone else.

Here are the Top 9 Things You Can Do to Catch Your Unfaithful Partner

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Over Protective Behavior Towards Phone

Many people have a common problem when cheating on their partners. This is over-protectiveness towards their phones. You might suspect that your partner may be cheating on you if you notice suspicious behavior with their phone.

Your partner may lock your phone with a different password than you know. You might also suspect that your partner may not want to share their phone’s passcode with you. You can also avoid giving your smartphone to them at all costs, and keep their phone away from you in any situation.

Locate Your Partner

It is useful to track your spouse’s current location so you can see which places he/she has been. To view their past location history, you can access Google Maps Timeline. To make sure it isn’t suspicious, you can install a tracking app on your spouse’s smartphone and hide it in their lock app. You can also attach a GPS tracker to your car, without your spouse’s knowledge, so that you know where they have been.

Open Text Messages

It is also possible to prove your partner is cheating you by looking at their text messages. Some people may be reluctant to check their text messages because they fear it will invade their partner’s privacy. To determine if your spouse is cheating, you must open the text messages.

You can see which messages they shared and check out the chats they had recently with each other. You can also scroll through conversations if you spot a new contact. Take screenshots if you find evidence that the two are having an affair.

Check out your spouse’s bank account transaction details

Another way to find out if your partner is cheating is to check your spouse’s bank transaction details. You may need to investigate if you discover large amounts of money transactions between the accounts of your spouse and theirs. You should also check out where your spouse spends his/her money, such as at restaurants, shopping, or hotels.

Internet History

Another tip to determine if your spouse has an illicit affair is to look at your partner’s browsing history using his/her smartphone. Although cheaters may clear their internet history, they might forget it in a hurry. It is a good idea to look at your partner’s internet history.

You can easily look through the history if it is still accessible to see if your partner has visited any suspicious websites. You might find it suspicious if your partner has a clean browsing history without having to search.

Take a look at your partner’s social media accounts

According to a survey, many people in relationships use social media accounts for having an affair with someone else. If your partner is having an affair with someone else, there might be a good chance you will catch them red-handed.

Opening Suspicious Apps

Cheaters have many options to keep their affairs with others. Third-party messaging apps, as well as dating apps, are two of the most common methods used by cheaters. You should check your partner’s phone for suspicious apps that allow chat messaging. If you discover any of these apps, be sure to look through the chats to confirm that your suspicions.

Make use of spy cameras.

Are you concerned that your partner may be bringing someone else into your home while you are away? It is a good idea to have spy cameras installed in your home’s entry, living room, bedroom and other areas. You can view the live footage on your phone from outside your home to see what’s happening inside.

It is best to pick discreet spy cameras. They should blend in with the environment and not be noticed. Install them carefully in your home and make sure to keep them hidden as much as possible.

Contact your Partner with Fake Information

To call your spouse, you can change the number of your phone to make it seem like you are a stranger. Keep in mind that you can change the tone of your voice and your speech to make your spouse think you are calling them. You can also create a fake account on social media and chat with your spouse. You can try messaging your spouse as an unknown person to see how they respond.

You should not be getting inappropriate responses from your spouse, or if you feel that he/she is flirting with you by the way they communicate.

Bottom line

If you discover that your partner has been having illicit affairs with others, you might feel angry, sad, or betrayed. It is better to expose your partner’s cheating and bring an end to this relationship. These tips and tricks can help you uncover your cheating spouse.