Best “Neopixel Lightsaber” Companies

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Neopixel technology was developed to create the most interactive and responsive lightsabers. This article will provide information on 12 Neopixel lightsaber companies, which offer a variety of pricing options and customization levels.

Star Wars is a popular franchise that people associate with epic lightsaber battles between Jedi and Sith. Fans have been able purchase custom lightsabers to cosplay or to recreate key moments from the movies since the film’s release. The technology has improved dramatically over the years to create the most realistic and customizable lightsabers possible.

Plector Pixel Lightsabers also called Pixel Sabers or Neo Sabers are Neopixel lightsabers. These lightsabers are equipped with flexible LED strips within the blade. Although neopixels are more expensive than hollow-blade lightsabers due to the enhanced effects, the LED strip is well worth the extra cost for cosplayers and fans who want that authentic experience. The soundboard is used to control the neopixel lightsaber. This allows for perfect sync between sound and light animations. The Proffleboard and Plector Labs Crystal Focus 10(CFX) soundboards are two popular choices for neopixel-compatible soundboards.

Companies that offer Neopixel Lightsaber

  • Saberforge

Saberforge is the largest lightsaber company. Their wide range of customization options allows them to create any look or price you desire. They can provide many blades, hilts and wraps for custom orders. Even your favorite characters’ lightsabers could be yours. You can find budget-friendly options starting at less than $100 USD for entry-level lightsabers.

All Eco Tier Sabers have the option to upgrade to Proffie Pixel. Proffie Pixel is just Neopixel. It also contains the Proffieboard, an open-source soundboard that supports neopixels. This results in a more realistic-sounding and acting saber. You can also change the colour of the blade with the 360-degree color editor.

The Hero Tier Sabers were originally equipped with a Golden Harvest board and an option to neopixel update. The Hero Tier is currently unavailable at the time this article was written. However, you might be able find one used on eBay.

  • Vader’s Vault

Vader’s Vault is the best in durability and quality. Vader’s Vault sabers have been hand-made with great care to ensure that your lightsaber is durable in every battle. They are more expensive than other saber companies. The wait times can be long, but Vader’s Vault will make it worth it.

Plector Pixel RGB is the best option for a Neopixel Lightsaber Blade if you order one of their custom-made sabers. You can have your blade made ready for you by simply having the hilt neopixel built. Plector Pixel Sabers or Plector Sabers may be the names of their ready-built options. They come with a Plector Labs Crystal Focus 10(CFX) soundboard.

  • Sabertrio

Sabertrio, a Malaysian company that makes lightsabers at a reasonable price, is also available. There are eight styles of hilts to choose from, and they have an ergonomic and sleek design. Although they don’t currently offer character designs, many of their hilts are inspired by character-based designs. You can also choose weathering or etching. Sabertrio is known for providing great customer service and if you are unsure of what you need or have any questions.

Sabertrio, like Vader’s Vault uses the Plector Labs Crystal Focus 10(CFX) soundboard for controlling the Neopixel Lightsaber Blades. Each of their hilts offers the possibility to use a Neopixel Blade. They refer to them as Neo Sabers.