Sai Naruto

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Naruto Description

Sai Naruto initially appears cold and inept. This is due to the arduous and constant training in the root ANBU. The rivalry between the two becomes evident when Naruto meets him. It is a continuation from the one with Sasuke. As the story continues, he learns more about Naruto, Sakura, and the part of him that was once close to a deceased teammate. He decides to open up to people again. It is recorded in the Konoha Library. However, their attempts at friendship do not always yield the desired results. He concludes that adjectives used to describe them are often used to treat people affectionately. So he calls Sakura “ugly”, which angers Sakura and makes Naruto tremble. Then he plans to call Choji Akimichi “fat”, but Chouji stops him because he would strike him. He later comes to the opposite conclusion and calls Ino Yamanaka valuable, much to Sakura’s delight and her anger. Sai believes that one can escape any situation if one smiles fakely.

Sai is tall and has short black hair. He also has black eyes and skin. He doesn’t usually display any emotion, even when Konohamaru uses erotic methods in the second half. There is one small difference between Sai and Sasuke. Sakura says that Sai Naruto has a similar face to Sasuke’s voice and facial features. Ino Yamanaka also comments that Sai is “handsome” reminiscing about Sasuke. Ino felt a slight attraction to Sai when she first saw him.

Sai is not his real name, as it is a codename that Danzo gave him when he joined the team of protagonists. The true name of the protagonist has not yet been revealed. His age is similar to the protagonists. It is clear from his past that he had a brother whom he called his brother. He was a soldier who died. This led to him being the character in the story.

Sai Naruto Histories

He appears in front of Naruto, who is using his ink technique to attack the others. This and her rudeness is more than enough to earn the hatred of Sakura and Naruto by calling her frentuda. He keeps a notebook with him in which he sketches things that he doesn’t want others to see. The cover features a drawing by him and a drawing by his brother.

Sai Naruto later revealed that he struggles to show and feel emotions, even when his brother has died. This is due to the special training his ANBU division receives. As he demonstrated in training with Naruto, he values his mission more than safety. He also ignored Yamato’s request to grab Sakura unconscious as a result of the encounter with Orochimaru. .

Orochimaru was forced to flee when Naruto had released some Kurama’s power. Sai Naruto followed him with a message sent by Danzo. Orochimaru is prompted by the message to take Sai as his subordinate to form an alliance between the sannins and the old man in order to invade Konoha to change the situation.

A Yamato clone witnesses the event. Yamato and his group find Sai’s body hanging from a tree. However, they soon discover that it is Kabuto who made the trick. Orochimaru discovers that he is alive. His sketchbook goes missing. He finds out that it is in the hands Naruto, Sakura and Yamato. Drawings of Sai Naruto defeating multiple enemies from different parts of the notebook are found in the notebook. The central image in which they must meet is incomplete. The left page is blank, while the right page has an image of Sai wearing ANBU clothing. However, it does not have a face. They are not sure what this means.

Sai introduces Sasuke to himself. Sai has been training with Orochimaru the past two years. Sasuke is indifferent. Sai Naruto says they can get along. But Sasuke uses his sharean to paralyze Sai. Kabuto stops him. He is surprised that Sasuke can manipulate his subconscious to affect him even though he doesn’t feel any emotions. He comments that Naruto is not giving up on his quest and that he still considers him his brother. Sasuke ignores him too and states that he only has one brother whom he promised to kill.

Kabuto takes Sai into a lair to lock the door. After Sai Naruto has ensured that Kabuto is gone he leads Sai to a room inside the lair and locks the door. He then invokes a book which he immediately begins to read, amazed by its contents. Yamato, who had just entered the lair, enters the room. Sai quickly grabs the book and puts it in his bag.

While Sai shows gratitude to Sakura for returning his art book, the team questions him about Danzo. Sai smiles and admits that his thoughts about Danzo are wrong. Naruto sees his fake smile and informs him that he is lying. Later, Sai admits to Danzo that he is planning on trying to invade Konoha with Orochimaru. He must spy on him to find out what the sannin is up to. They then go outside and tie him up.

Naruto says they are heading to Sasuke’s rescue, but Sai Naruto is skeptical. Naruto asks him why he is willing confront Orochimaru. He replies that he hated Sasuke at first, but that he eventually formed a strong relationship with him due to their shared experiences. Kabuto arrives and liberates Sai. However, Naruto, moved by Naruto’s words and trying to understand his brother’s relationship, helps to immobilize Kabuto